Handmade Wood Pen

Handmade Wood Pen

All the pens are turned by hand on a wood lathe, in a traditional way.

You will find the wooden pen of our forests of the Picardy, the Aisne, our grove Thiérache but also pens in rosewood, olive woodor different species of precious exotic woods.

Wood pens for men or women, personalized pens, luxury pens (ballpoint pen, fountain pen, rollerball pen, pen design, mechanical pencil, ornamental pen holder or cabinet, with mechanisms gold plated, silver or with inlay of Swarovski crystals...)

It is also an opportunity to offer a cheap, unique and original gift. More than a pen, it's a jewel at your fingertips for the greatest please of writting.

handmade wood pen



  Manufacture of pen Handcrafted wood turned on a wood lathe.